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Hi everyone! New to the mastodon-verse (clearly)!

I'm a working in and loving it. You'll find my posts range from academic pursuits to anime and geek fandom to technology (and whatever else strikes my fancy).

I have a lot to learn and I'm excited to get down to it.

Merger of my two worlds over the last couple of days at work - got to use my historical research background (yay phd!) in digging through email archives for my current org, finding connections and email addresses that no longer exist and using the information within to track down an account which owns a domain name which we no longer use but need to disconnect it from forwarding to our main website, so then I got to play in the DNS records and get it properly configured. ADVENTURE

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. I am that king.

And that's freaking fun. Expectations are low enough (haha) that my meager skills are highly valued and praised, but I'm getting to consistently challenge myself along the way to feeling like I've earned that kingly title.

I keep seeing this hashtag, so I'mma try to jump in and see if I got this right haha.
@3goodthings from yesterday!

1. Felt really accomplished at work by helping colleagues understand some of the programs they have at their disposal

2. Found a way to get my 10k steps without having to go outside in the Excessive Heat Advisory humidity grossness!

3. Got to play some Final Fantasy XIV with good friends!

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.”― George Bernard Shaw #quotes

Also excited to get to work this week on chapter revisions for an upcoming edited collection on Mid-Tudor Queenship! Thanks to brainstorming with the absolutely brilliant @textandhubris I've got a really nifty and useful hook/structure to talk about posthumous representation of queens on stage. 🔥 👑 🪓 🌩️

Also, for some reason, listening to Gregorian Chanting while reading contracts

The reason Youtube is porn-free is because it's willing to tolerate accidentally removing an Ivy League university's entire public archive of academic materials as acceptable collateral damage in the sex wars.

Now, as Bright's story shows, it's possible for public pressure to change the content moderation policies of big companies, but this is unreliable.


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The sex industry has pioneered every new communications tool since the printing press: in my own lifetime, I've watched it take the lead in VCRs, desktop publishing, BBSes, digital text, digital images, digital videos, live streaming services, cryptocurrency, and VR. It would be easy to conclude that being interested in sex is somehow correlated with being fascinated by technology.


Getting to take some time to read through - with a fine-tooth comb - a contract for web services. There's a lot of stuff in here that is missing that I was hoping to find within. So.... that's great.

Back at work after a long weekend -- ready to tackle the issues caused by other people's poor communication and/or planning.

Getting back into running - happy to have the habit again. Am I great at it? Hell no. Do I enjoy it? Honestly, yeah.

regular reminder that you don't have to be good (tm) at something to like it, make it your hobby, be excited about it, etc

We cannot tell children to “look for the helpers” when we, the adults, are doing absolutely nothing to help.

Got my first ever conference rejection today - am celebrating with a Victoria Sponge cake and gaming this weekend!
Since I still believe in the proposal and topic, gonna work with my co-chair and see if we can work up a CFP for an edited collection. 😁

Minor Work-Related Rant 

Sometimes, I'm okay throwing caution to the wind when updating my own systems and tools, but when I am managing platforms and products that others rely on - I plan every change in detail. I want the same from my vendors. I don't expect every rollout to be perfect. I do expect that when an issue occurs, it will be handled transparently with predetermined procedures in place to resolve or rollback. The lack of this is the fastest way to lose my trust as a customer.

Motto of the Day: A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

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