I am so glad that I can work from home when the need arises, like when I'm recovering from a stupid migraine.

FINALLY got an author's copy of a book I contributed to- my boss saw it and insisted that I do a mini-show and tell about it πŸ˜…

I *love* audiobooks. When I was a high-school-aged page at a public library in the 1980s, I would pass endless hours shelving and repairing books while listening to "books on tape" from the library's collection. By the time iTunes came along, I'd amassed a huge collection of cassette and CD audiobooks and I painstakingly ripped them to my collection.


Haha, love how the former tech project manager thanked me for my 'people first' approach yesterday and my supervisor today exhorted me to 'slow down and push back creating trainings by at least another month' so we can give the org an additional couple of months to contemplate the file share move to the cloud 🀣 the whiplash keeps ya grounded!!

WTF is this 'pink sauce' thing I keep seeing now? I've not gotten it on my clock app FYP yet, so I've only seen vague mentions on other social media pages.

Just had a meeting with my Alpha group for upcoming file share cloud migration (currently running on a server that lives in the back room!) and was thanked for my 'people first' approach. Love it!! 😁

Having a great time editing one of my chapters for upcoming publication - it's pushing into something outside of my PhD research, and I'm really excited for where it's going!

It's also super nice getting back into my academic brain - I've got a chapter (in an edited collection) that I'm editing for publication, a book I'm reading to write a review for, and a book review that I'm copy-editing for a journal. Nice to be back!πŸ˜€

Niantic's new virtual pet game Peridot cannot be released soon enough. I need my phone Tamagotchi, plz.

Just spent an hour one-on-one with a coworker teaching her all about Teams. It was nice to get back to some more of my teaching background!! I do love it when people have questions and I can help. 😁

Got the chance to introduce a less-than-tech-savvy co-worker to her new work-issued Chromebook today. She seemed really pleased that it was much easier for her to use than a Windows 10 machine (which, for what she needs? It totally is) and I'm glad to get her the machine she needs to support her in her important work! IT can legit be rewarding 😁

This summer, I get to roll out cloud storage AND password managers to my org and I'm so flipping excited for it!!

Also am absurdly excited about getting LastPass for my org. I get to train a couple of people on how to use it tomorrow and I'm legit stoked.

Seriously looking at getting a PO Box - but wondering why it doesn't have 24/7 lobby access anywhere in my area? Is that USPS budget cutbacks?

Some period tracking apps will share your data. Stay safe, use one from @fdroidorg without Internet permission.

Possible options are:
drip (safest!)

All of these apps don't ask for internet permission and thus can't share your data. Drip goes the extra mile and explicitly opts out of Android's backup framework so your data won't be backed up on Google servers.

Please boost for those who need it!

Merger of my two worlds over the last couple of days at work - got to use my historical research background (yay phd!) in digging through email archives for my current org, finding connections and email addresses that no longer exist and using the information within to track down an account which owns a domain name which we no longer use but need to disconnect it from forwarding to our main website, so then I got to play in the DNS records and get it properly configured. ADVENTURE

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. I am that king.

And that's freaking fun. Expectations are low enough (haha) that my meager skills are highly valued and praised, but I'm getting to consistently challenge myself along the way to feeling like I've earned that kingly title.

I keep seeing this hashtag, so I'mma try to jump in and see if I got this right haha.
@3goodthings from yesterday!

1. Felt really accomplished at work by helping colleagues understand some of the programs they have at their disposal

2. Found a way to get my 10k steps without having to go outside in the Excessive Heat Advisory humidity grossness!

3. Got to play some Final Fantasy XIV with good friends!

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