I watched The Automat documentary last night. It was a remarkable film.

Automats have always intrigued me both as aesthetic structures and as artifacts of urban and technological history.

By tracing the rise and fall of these iconic places and what they came to represent through the voices of people, many of whom are no longer here, the film evoked a sense
of doubled loss. It was fascinating, nostalgic, and heartbreaking all at once.

@scrivenersjest My wife and I watched the documentary this evening and really enjoyed it. Here are a few photos from when the NYPL hat Automat machines on display as part of their "Lunch Hour NYC" exhibit in 2012.

@13ma1 That exhibit looks amazing! Thank you for sharing images from it.

I missed the heyday of the Automat, I can remember eating at a pale imitation of one as a young child but even then they were in serious decline.

It's nice to get a chance, through exhibits like this and the documentary, to see them come back to life in finer detail as a reminder of what was and what could be.

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