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CW: Change/Mourning 

It's natural to mourn the loss of something that occupied a major part of your time and maybe even constituted a significant part of your identity. Whether that thing was healthy or not doesn't really matter - the sense of loss is real and valid.

It's easy for those outside that experience to dismiss those feelings which can alienate those who are seeking something new. Take time to grieve and know being hesitant is okay. The new may be exciting, but it can also be daunting.

One more #Introduction for all of you wonderful newcomers!

Firstly, I'm a Postdoc at UCC #English and #DigitalHumanities. I work on @PortsPastPres, an #EU regional development project funded by the Ireland Wales Programme. We're @PortsPastPres on the #Birdsite. I'm also @scrivenersmith on there, but that's looking increasingly irrelevant!

I particularly work on our #Omeka/#Curatescape heritage stories: and our #App Port Places:

My main areas of interest are #EnvironmentalHumanities, #PublicHumanities, #DH and #OA. My :hc: profile is:, where you can read more about my publications.

I'm an occasional #TTRPG writer. You can see what I've written here: A couple more things forthcoming.


@histodons @dh @literature_geek

For those who don't know, Bookwyrm is basically a better, federated Goodreads. Because it speaks ActivityPub, you can subscribe to someone's Bookwyrm feed from directly in Mastodon and see the book reviews they post!

Also there are 2 spots remaining in the Bookwyrm patreon to pay $40/mo and support the project in a huge way *and* have @tripofmice run a server for you and 50 of your bookwormiest friends:

People are saying things like “let’s get back on AIM” and I’m just sitting in the corner pre-dating everything everyone comes up with and feeling as old as literal dust.

“Remember MySpace?” Why, yes I do. I was saving into a pension at the time.

I mentioned Mastodon and the Fediverse during a meeting today resulting in a wonderful discussion about Internet history and experience from a non-tech-centric perspective.

It was a great reminder that interest in a less totalized version of the online space extends well beyond tech historians, curmudgeons, and others of their ilk.

A lot of people are looking for community and a sense of discovery that they once found online. It's nice to see that some may have found a bit of that out here.

Neologism alert! I think it’s time to stop talking about tech “ecosystems” when it comes to the FAANGs. In deference to Dorsey, Musk, Zuckerberg etc., I’m just gonna call them “egosystems.”

As in, “I like social network sites but I don’t want to feed someone else’s egosystem.”


Remember. Your first draft will be rough. Coarse and unsubtle, full of cumbersome wordings, typos, clichéed writing, and random mistakes. It will likely make you cringe to re-read.

And that’s fine.

We do not give up on cooking a meal just because the ingredients are raw when we start.

A History of Recent Twitter Migration to the Fediverse

1 month ago: Mastodon? No thanks. You have to have a Ph.D in Hackerology to use it.

3 weeks ago: I don't like this Mastodon... But if I have to... *sigh*

2 weeks ago: Wait. This does really cool things like let me edit posts. So genius. Is this free?

1 week ago: OMG! There's other apps! Now I know why there's a Fediverse!

Today: Comrades—let's fight for our freedom! Cast off the chains of Big Social!

Pixelfed (the fediverse analogue to Instagram) has just revamped its website.

Before it was really more geared towards potential instance admins, FOSS developers, and community organizers.

It's now geared towards users and is similar to Mastodon's main site with the goal of connecting users to an instance that can host them.

(Remember, you can follow Pixelfed accounts by using the Pixelfed software itself, and enjoying it's unique GUI and layout ORRRR!!!! you can follow Pixelfed accounts directly from your Mastodon account and get their posted pictures directly in this feed here.)

Take a look:

I (re)designed my desktop this weekend on a bit of a whim.

I claimed I was improving workflow, but I just wanted to make something I thought was cool. There's a small section of the screen that just plays a pixel art animation that I love - because I wanted it there.

It wasn't high-stakes work. It was silly and fun which is exactly what I needed. I may have even learned a few things along the way.

That's the magic of systems and architectures that offer possibilities instead of boundaries.

If your workflow or project consists of a growing network of interdependencies, eventually something will go wrong.

If you haven't included time to learn about those dependencies and develop strategies for dealing with potential disruptions, you need to revise your plan.

This isn't a new or even ground-breaking concept, but there are days when it sure feels like it is.

Since the Fedi is way more popular now than it has been about 9 months ago I'm curious:

What is your current main operating system?

RT appreciated. 😉

Re #introduction time!

I'm a communication scientist & historian of science working on #science #communication, its forms & languages in history & present.

I'm interested in popular forms of science #literature #popculture and #narrative & #metaphors in #scicomm & how they shape public understanding of science

I've explored all this in #entomology #psychology & have worked in #museums & #media

I'm also a Lewis Carroll expert!

#histsci #envhist #histodon #litodon #sts #litodon #medhum

My number one recommendation to all new (and old) fediverse server administrators is: make your registrations closed, however your software allows for it. For Mastodon I think "registration with a review step" is the minimum level you should be locked down. Open-registration instances are

1) going to get overwhelmed with computing needs
2) likely to break down socially, you have no guarantee that the people signing up are a good fit for your existing people
3) going to host spammers

#rstats package rtoot to interact with the Mastodon API is on its way to CRAN

thanks to my coauthor @chainsawriot and contributors @JBGruber and @urswilke to make this happen so fast

Who Is “Web3” For?

> Like radioactivity, blockchain can be a useful tool in solving certain kinds of problems. Like dental hygiene, the decentralization of global communication platforms is an important problem, but not necessarily the right application for the instrument.

> Like Doromad Radioactive Toothpaste, web3 has little to do with solving the stated problem, and everything to do with profiting off of a buzzword, resulting in more harm than good in the process.

Nothing that promises to make you rich quick is worth getting into.

Spent the day debugging a series of project data issues. At this point, I'm planning on tearing the entire project back down to the model and building it back up. It is a bit more work, but I’d rather solve these issues in development rather than try to fix them after release.

Plus, I get to turn my frustration into practical results, building on all the lessons learned instead of fixating on delays and errors (project and personal growth in one! 🙂 ).

Hi all, my rather delayed #introduction

I’m a critical #datastudies and #mediastudies scholar who focuses on #datacenters and lately also on #humanoids in the #cloud. I’m an Associate Professor at the U of #Calgary (Alberta, Canada). Very gay and very pro-masking and -taking care of each other. Hi! 💘

Spent the day filming! Not allowed to say what or for whom, but was excellent fun and looking forward to sharing all the details in due course...

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